SEO positioning: how to stand out from your competitors?

26 May 2022. 13:49
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Find out how to implement an SEO positioning strategy in your SME to stand out in search engines.

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Executive summary

Due, in part, to the confinement situation caused by the pandemic, consumers are adopting new forms of online consumption for reasons such as lack of confidence in physical shopping for health reasons, among other factors.

The online channel is increasingly gaining ground and SMEs must adapt to the new trends. This results in the need to be present in the main search engines. But it is not only important to be present, but also to have a good positioning in these search engines so that potential customers have more access to your website and there are more opportunities to generate a sale.

It is at this point when an SEO positioning strategy becomes necessary. SEO or Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy aimed at making an SME stand out among others in search engines. It consists of correctly optimizing the company's resources so that the search engine identifies its website as relevant, placing it among the first in its search engine.

The first section of the report details what SEO positioning is, as well as its different types:

- SEO On Page, through which we seek to make the user experience on the web easier.

- SEO Off Page, which is the application of techniques aimed at linking external links to the web page itself, in order to improve positioning in search engines.

Both types of SEO are necessary and, for its correct implementation, a strategy must be followed that includes from the definition of the objectives, the creation of the ideal buyer profile for your company, to the installation of SEO tools and the use of keywords.

Additionally, in this section you will be able to check the main advantages and disadvantages of developing an SEO strategy in your SME.

The following section explains how an SEO positioning strategy should be carried out and the steps that must be taken for it to be effective. In this sense, it will address, first, the definition of objectives of the SME when developing the SEO positioning strategy, the creation of a buyer persona (or ideal buyer for the company) in order to establish the strategy around this ideal profile, the installation of SEO tools to improve the positioning of the website of your SME, which are available in paid or free formats and, finally, the use of keywords, which will make the website of your SME is among the top positions of the search engines.

In the last section developed, you can see several success stories of SMEs that, after having developed and implemented a SEO positioning strategy, have managed to improve their business, having improved their visibility in major search engines.

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